Thursday, 14 September 2017


Use the following links to find out about where chocolate comes from and how it is made...

Fun Chocolate facts

Continue your research by finding out a little bit more about the country of Ghana...

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Jokes for Earnest Ernest

Now that we have persuaded Earnest Ernest of all the benefits of laughter, let's try to get him laughing 😂

Read some of the jokes on the following kids' jokes websites, along with those in the joke books we have borrowed from the library.

Think about...

What makes them funny?

What different types of jokes are there?

How do the jokes start?

Which type of jokes do you prefer and why?

Which is your favourite joke and why?

Which is your least favourite and why?

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Animal Collages

Room 9 have been working hard over the last couple of weeks to complete a collage art project.
We started by choosing our own animal, searching images and templates and then sketching our animal outline.
We then used a mixture of painted paper and magazine images to create patterns to fill our outline.
Finally, we cut out our collaged animals and backed them onto a material we felt best suited our colour palette.
Our projects took a lot of perseverance but we think the final result shows the effort was worth it.
We hope you agree!


Monday, 7 August 2017

Moment in Time- Writing To Describe

This week Room 9 have been writing to describe.
We used our five senses to describe a scene depicted in an image.
As we wrote, we included precise nouns, specific adjectives, powerful verbs and adverbs to enhance our descriptions.
We also worked on linking ideas using compound and complex sentences.
Here are some of our descriptive paragraphs based on the image below.

The Woods by Leroy
I stare at the twig, it is half broken. The leaves are degenerating. I can hear a tarantula slowly receding. I stare at a wild hare burrow its way into the soggy bark. The sun is a sliver. The wind is as strong as lightning. I can smell rotten berries. I hear birds swooping down and catching their prey. I hear black bears wrestling like savages in the distance. The vast land could fit hundreds of skyscrapers. Branches were scattered around the floor like a cold-blooded cat had been on a rampage of eating mice.

The Woods by Dylan
As I stare at the leaves trickling down to the ground, the sunlight gleams in my eyes. It is very damp so the tree bark rips off from the trunk. I can hear the birds chirping, with the grass swaying. I can see a chipmunk stealing a rotten berry as well as fighting with another. It is so muddy that it makes a squishy sound with each step. 

The Woods by Sauwarna
When I step in the dark, damp woods, a shiver comes around my whole body. But when I take another step and see some sunlight flash on me, I say 'there's nothing to be afraid of'. Then I hear an owl hoot from the tall trees. The berries in the woods taste rotten but smell like roses. I can see the trees branches swinging as if they are dancing. On the tree branches, the birds were singing and chirping. The wood was vast.

The Woods by Georgia
I stare at the gentle sunlight that is shining through the trees. The tall trees make a canopy above me. I hear the leaves swaying gently in the wind. I feel the tree bark roughly rubbing against my hand. I can hear birds chirping, making beautiful songs. The tall, itchy grass tickles me as I amble along. I feel scared as it gets darker. I smell berries as I walk along the receding path. The squirrels clamber up the trees, getting nuts. 

The Woods by Vrushti
As I creep into the dark woods, the sound of the wrestling wind gets louder. The birds are singing peaceful tunes while squirrels quietly clamber up the tall trees. I can feel the prickly, damp grass under my feet. The degenerated leaves are on the deep, muddy floor. The bright sun shines in between the large trees like fireworks in the sky. The tree branches are as dark as chocolate.

The Woods by Caroline
As the branches sway side to side, birds chirp and sing beautiful songs. I feel the prickly oak trees and amble along the wrecked path, scattered with twigs. I smell the rotten, old blackberries squished into dry mud, squirrels crawl over thick, breaking branches. As I stare, the glimmering sunlight spreads above the tree tops. Suddenly, eagles swoop through the blazing sunshine. I can see the diminutive ladybirds huddling under droopy leaves. As I stroll along the receding line of stones, I spy a red fungi that looks much like a tiny umbrella. 

Monday, 31 July 2017

Interactive World Map

Use the following link to find out more about continents, countries and cities of the world.

Anansi the Spider Folktales

Listen to these Anansi folktales to get more ideas for trickster narratives

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Trickster Folktales

In Room 9 this week, we have begun reading folktales from other countries.
Our first folktale was 'Carlos and Diego', a story about a trickster guinea pig from Peru.

We found out that there are many folktales from around the world with trickster characters.
We decided to create our own trickster characters based on a country of our choice.
We first had to research that country to find out the native animals that live there, what their habitats would be and what common boys and girls names they have there.
We used what we had found out to write our character descriptions.
Have a read of some of them below.
We focused on using specific adjectives to describe our character and combining our ideas from our plans into compound or complex sentences.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Fraction Songs

Use these videos to activate your prior knowledge of fractions and rehearse fraction vocabulary.
Watch your set video with your turn and talk trio and prepare to share what you have learnt back to the class.
You will need to 

Define- what is a fraction
List- examples of fractions
Describe- examples of fractions by drawing symbols/pictures/diagrams


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Children's Inventions

Read about children's inventions brought to life in the link below

Use these to inspire your own invention ideas and complete the follow up task

Monday, 26 June 2017

Sunday, 18 June 2017


Today Room 9 learnt about pulleys.
We used our SOLO Three Layers of Learning map to frame our thinking and extend our learning.
After researching, we defined what a pulley is, described its parts, explained how a pulley works and listed examples of pulleys in action in real life.
We were then set the task of creating a pulley system to raise a flag up a flag pole.
Students worked in teams to select a country. They then researched the flag of their chosen country and famous buildings that are found there.
Finally, they were given a list of required materials and then set to work on figuring out how to construct their model.
Here are the designs completed so far.

Great problem solving Room 9 👍

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Constructing wheel and axle models

Room 9 were set the challenge of building a model that included a wheel and axle.
Our design brief included the criteria that our models should be able to move.
We got busy designing, collecting materials and testing out ideas.

Some ideas were a success and some failed.
But we didn't give up.
We persevered, learnt from others, modified our designs and tried again.
Some of us are still going.

Next week we will analyse the function of each part of our model and evaluate our overall model design and construction.
We will use what we have learnt when we tackle our next design and construction challenge later in the term.